Online slots

Slot machines are a regular fixture in casinos around the world. Since the first mechanical slot machine was built in 1895 by Charles Fey, these machines have been widely recognised by gamblers across the globe.

How it all began

They are believed to have been introduced to casinos in the 1940s in Las Vegas as light entertainment for the wives of high-stakes gamblers at the main tables. Decades later, the machines have taken over casino revenue, and it is believed that approximately 70% of casino activity comes from them.

They are very easy to use and offer very low risk relative to the potential jackpot. Progressive slot machines can offer huge prizes as the jackpot gets bigger with each spin. The simplicity is where the appeal really lies. Just put a coin in the machine and play. Often, the price is very low compared to other games, but the prize is simply mouth-watering.

Secret of popularity

However, slots are not appreciated by everyone. Some players believe that they rely too much on luck, requiring neither skill nor tactics. Some people see them as a game of chance for fools, where no real attention or focus is needed. Despite the high temptation of the jackpot, the odds of winning are also very low. Over time, they earned the nickname “one-armed bandits” because they rarely pay out and leave the player penniless.

Ironically, it is this lack of intensity that makes it such a popular casino game. Players can simply sit down at the machine, pay out whatever money they have left over and try to play until they win the jackpot. It doesn’t require much thought, and the potential rewards can be huge.

Slot machines are always going to be a part of casinos because, although they have low odds of winning, they have a tempting jackpot that attracts players. The low price of the game only adds to the incentive and means that, despite the lack of skill or ability required, it will always appeal to a certain type of player.

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