11 Essential Tricks for Winning at BlackJack

Tricks to earn money with the Black Jack

Unlike other casino games, BlackJack combines chance and mathematical skill. This is a game in which, unlike slots, you need to invest time to learn how to play the different types of Black Jack and the strategies to use in each situation.

One of the movies (based on a true story) that made this game more popular was 21 Black Jack, where a group of students of statistics and mathematics created a method based on counting the cards that were coming out and calculating the probabilities on the ones that are left to come out.

The strategy or trick of ‘card counting’ has also been dealt with in other films such as Rai Man (Barry Levinson, 1988).

Next we are going to show you 11 essential tricks and advice to play Black Jack in physical casinos and on the Internet, either live blackjack with a real dealer, or with the “dealer” of the machine’s algorithm.

Take note, and if you know one that we haven’t listed, share it in the comments!

Start playing without depositing money

Before you start betting money, especially if you are an inexperienced Black Jack player, we recommend that you practice playing for free, without betting money, until you feel comfortable with the type of game.

Most online casinos allow this type of game for points so you can try out their games without obligation before starting to bet money, but you can also find a large number of Black Jack apps, and you can even join with friends to practice.

Use the basic strategy table

The basic Black Jack strategy table is also known as the “Decision Table”.

In this cheat sheet you’ll find the actions that the basic Black Jack strategy sets out. It is a guide to help you know what to do in each hand to reduce the house advantage.

By following the basic Black Jack strategy, you can reduce the casino’s banking advantage to 0%, so the house doesn’t get any advantage.

How it works:

  • The first row (horizontal) is the possible values of the card discovered by the dealer.
  • The first column (vertical) is the total value of the player’s hand.
  • To find out what to do with each hand, you have to look in the column for the value of the card found and then in the row for the value of your hand. The intersection of the two indicates the recommended action to reduce the house advantage.

Note that taking such an action does not guarantee you will win every hand you play, but it does improve your chances by making the dealer a lower percentage of profit.

Divide Aces and Eights

The Ace is the strongest card in BlackJack because it is worth 11 points, so the best option is to split the aces if you have more than one, and thus have two options to get a 21 (BlackJack).

Something similar happens with eights, as together they add up to 16, which is the worst possible hand in this game. Separately they can add up to much better moves.

However, this is not always recommended. There are cases in which it is better not to split aces and eights. We give you more information in the article When to split and when not to split Aces and Eights in Black Jack.

Do not split the Figures

We have already seen that the aces and eights will, as a rule, always be separated.

Then we have the opposite case: the pair of 10 or figures (J, Q and K) that add up to 20 in total. That combination is too strong to divide it, so the best trick is to keep that hand and play it as it is, without adding any other card.

This advice to play Black Jack would be included in the trick of standing on the high hands, because as we said before, the best thing is to stand when you get 17 or more.

Do not ask for insurance

Most casinos offer the possibility to ask for an insurance in case the croupier draws an Ace. If you ask for insurance what will happen is that you will bet half of the initial bet and you will only get something back if you get Black Jack.

At first sight it may seem a good strategy but it is not, as the house advantage increases in case of asking for insurance.

Insurance is a type of bet with negative expectations and is only used by professional card counters when circumstances warrant it.

Stand up when another player gets an Ace

As we saw in the article where we explained how to play Black Jack, the Ace card can be worth 11 or 1, depending on the hand.

When the dealer or another player gets an ace, this means that if in the next hand they receive a card with a value of 10, they will be the winners adding up to 2 1 blackjack.

On a probability level, this result is quite probable, especially in games in which several decks come into play, and also when during a particular game cards with low value have come out and many high cards remain in the deck.

Our recommendation in this case would be to plant.

Counting the cards

Contrary to popular belief, card counting at BlackJack is not illegal. It is quite another thing if it is forbidden in some physical casinos or if it is frowned upon.

Blackjack load counting strategy is one of the most famous and reliable strategies when making decisions such as whether or not to split aces and eights, or calculating the odds of any of your opponents getting a 21 Blackjack.

Of course, you need a very good memory and a great capacity to process the information quickly. This is obtained with a lot of practice and mnemonic exercises.

However, it should be noted that in some blackjack games multiple decks are used, which would make counting very difficult.

The most famous method of counting cards is with the High-Low card counting system. This consists of giving a numerical value to each card, so that they are divided into 3 groups:

  • From 2 to 9 = +1
  • From 7 to 9 = 0
  • From 10 to A = -1

If we add up the whole deck taking into account these values, the result will be zero. Thus, with this method of counting cards for the Black Jack, it is possible to know, in a general way, what type of cards are left in the deck: if they are low or high cards.

When the dealer has already drawn half a deck, if the resulting value of the count is high, it means that there are more high cards (10, figures and aces) left than low cards.

This gives the player important information, as he can review his strategy taking into account this information: when there are many high cards left in the deck, it is an advantage for the player over the dealer, as he has a greater chance of getting a 21 blackjack.

The best known success story thanks to Black Jack card counting, and thanks to which the game gained popularity, was the story of Ken Uston and his team at MIT, who managed to win over 5 million dollars in different casinos in the 90s.

Math-based strategies

In addition to these tips and tricks, there are other mathematically based strategies that are important for playing Black Jack: Variance distribution, Standard Deviation (SD), N0 (N-Zero) and Certainty Equivalence (CE)

Other general advice

Finally, and as a bonus, we recommend that you read the article 8 Essential Tricks for Winning Money in an Online Casino to complete our recommendations and advice on online casino games in general.

Good luck in your games, we hope you will be the next Don Johnson, the professional player who won over 15 million dollars playing Black Jack at various Atlantic City casinos, in just 6 months!

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