Online or physical slot machines: which are better?

What is better, physical or online slots

Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the most classic and rudimentary entertainment options that we can find are slot machines.

These machines have been the most popular and sought-after in the Iberian Peninsula in the section of casino games, at least before the beginning of the new century.

Surely, a large part of the Hispanic population has ever experienced that feeling of betting some money or introducing some currency into these gadgets. The sensation is so exciting that it has been gradually installed in our daily life, although now they have taken a new dimension with the arrival of the online environment.

According to the Gaming Business Council, in 1985 the number of slot machines authorized in the country reached 323,000. However, since 2013 there has been a significant drop to 200,000, a number that has been maintained with some ups and downs.

All of this is set out by this institution in the Gaming 2019 Yearbook, which indicates that the number of machines in this year was 200,654.

Almost 79% of them are in bars and cafeterias, 19% in gaming halls and the remaining 2% in bingo halls. And the numbers indicate that the number of machines in catering establishments has fallen.

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It seems that slot machines tend to be pigeonholed in their own gambling establishments, although the hotel and catering industry still has most of them.

A decline that also has to do with the proliferation of online slots and online casinos.

These offer a series of advantages that physical venues can hardly compete with, such as the amount of prizes in special slots.

Finding a website with outstanding slots in its catalogue is not easy, and you have to watch them closely because they usually have special prizes for players. There are more arguments in favour, but also some against, and it is important to know all of them to know how to choose.

The RTP (Return to Player)

Making a profit depends on knowing how to choose the best slots to play. Also the type of slots to play.

And in this case you should pay attention to a concept such as RTP, which stands for “Return to player”, which is nothing more than the return to the player given by the slots. In other words, the money that the slots allow the player to recover from what is paid into them.

The money in bars is usually the lowest of all, followed by slots in casinos and then online casinos.

Obviously, not all players get a prize back, as not everyone can be a winner. In this case, online slots benefit.

Convenience and Availability

Online casino slots are also winning in terms of convenience and availability.

The physical slots imply having to move from home to some establishment, while with the online format you can play from home.

Moreover, you can do it at the time you prefer and for as long as you want. And you can also play your favourite slot machines, as well as easily try a greater variety.

In a gaming room you may have to wait for other customers to finish before you can get on the controls of that machine you love so much.

In an online format this does not happen, besides offering the possibility of having a bigger catalogue, since there is no limited space as in a game centre to use.


One of the drawbacks of online slots is that the time we spend playing can be colder. By this we mean that the gaming environment we create by playing from home is not the one experienced in a physical casino.

There you can discuss the game with other players, watch other people who are in the same situation and enjoying the same entertainment, and that sometimes gives you wings to continue and keep your purpose of obtaining benefits.

There are clients for whom the atmosphere in which they gamble is very important, and it is clear that for others it is not so decisive. It all depends on what each player prioritizes.

Betting limits

If you think there may be some advantage in the limits as well, it is not really so.

Online casinos have developed systems that allow players to set themselves time limits and money limits to spend, so that more is spent online is just a myth.

The same is true for physical locations. Before going to them you can take an exact amount of money, the one you want to spend, and that’s a way of setting limits for yourself.

As we said before, this depends on each person and how they behave when playing.


Finally, another trick to consider is the profitability of each machine.

Physical slots are programmable, but they contain limits as to what you can win playing them. Online slots are more manageable and modifiable in this sense. Special bonus phases can be implemented in them where you can get more prizes, although their existence does not guarantee that players will win more.

As in any game of chance, fortune plays a fundamental role that cannot be controlled, no matter which version it is.

As we can see, the best slots depend on our priorities and our experiences. There are no fixed parameters that indicate which ones are better, although with a few small clues it is always easier to make an assessment.

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